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Azalea Madonna

Azalea Madonna
 In Stock  Frilly edged 3 - 4 inch bright white flowers are on full display mid season lasting for days at a time. Planted abundantly as ornamentals in the southeastern US and capable of surviving in almost any acidic soil Azaleas are magnets for all local hummingbirds and butterflies. In a mass planting or as a single unit planted in a container it is sure to bring nature to your doorstep.
 Your new plant comes very well established in the growers 9" Deep Cone with the growers soil mix (NOT BARE ROOT), neatly packaged, and only mildly trimmed before shipping.
 Tip: Its easy to grow beautiful rare tropicals and succulents. They generally require no more attention than the average houseplant. In colder climates simply bring indoors for the winter months and provide proper light and water.
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   Sun Light 90-100%   Outdoor Growing Zone 6b-9
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